South Africa’s energy revolution: Shaping the country’s energy sector for the future

Intellidex has produced a major new publication, in collaboration with Business Day, on the future of the electricity sector in SA. It follows two previous publications focused on the birth and progress of South Africa’s renewable energy industry.

The first two publications, Five Years of Renewable energy published in 2016 and The Future of Energy (2018) became the reference point on SA’s evolving energy landscape locally and globally. Those publications told the story of how, through South Africa’s Renewable Independent Power Producers Programme (REIPPPP, an entirely new industry started from scratch in South Africa and how the auction process through successive bid windows had brought prices down to what then were among the cheapest in the world. Following those publications, other countries emulated SA’s highly respected renewable energy procurement model.

Today South Africa’s energy market is in an entirely different place. The REIPPPP stalled due to politics and state capture but is back on track with bid window 5 completed. But private companies are now also allowed to generate energy of up to 100MW without a licence, Eskom is restructuring to separate its generation, distribution and transmission businesses and the entire country is preparing for the transition to a low-carbon economy.

This new publication presents a vision of what the energy landscape will look like in the future while outlining progress made so far in getting there, analysing the obstacles and highlighting what needs to be done. It is being developed by Intellidex’s highly respected team of analysts including its infrastructure and energy research teams.

This publication was sponsored by Standard Bank and first appeared in Business Day.