Krutham Top Private Banks and Wealth Managers Awards

Launched in 2012, the Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers survey is based on a comprehensive survey of the wealth managers and private banks as well as their clients, with high emphasis placed on client rankings of their firms across an extensive list of categories.

This year 12,317 clients of wealth managers and private banks completed the online survey, with the high number of respondents enhancing the credibility of the findings.

Firm submission workshop

Join us on 28 February for a briefing session for participating firms. This session will provide details on the submission process, criteria, and what is expected for the awards.

Date: 28 February 2023
Time: 15h00 to 16h00
Venue: MS Teams

Interested in participating? Please fill out the event registration form below to secure your registration automatically. Note that registration for the event must be completed at least seven days before the event date.

RSVP today to secure your spot.

Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers timeline

The timeline for the 2024 Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers details key dates and events related to the annual survey and awards process.

• 28 February 2024 – Firm submissions workshop
• 6 March 2024 – Data collection starts and early bird sales open
• 24 April 2024 – Data collection closes and early bird sales close
• 25 June 2024 – Awards event
• 27 June 2024 – FM publication
• 15 July 2024 – Early-bird reports released
• 1 August 2024 – Firm feedback sessions start

Previous awards results: