WEBINAR: Financing the just transition to a green and resilient future

Peter Attard Montalto joined the World Association of PPP Units & Professionals Sub-Saharan Africa Public-Private Partnerships Day as a panellist and discussed the topic ‘Financing the just transition to a green and resilient future’.

“Without standardisation, without best practice, legal certainty, commoditised financial products basically which is ultimately what a PPP in many cases and best practice like South Africa’s reprogramme can end up being, it is exceptionally hard to achieve the scale that we need here. There are serious problems of availability of capital on the continent that we have to track significant amounts of external financing into the continent to solve these infrastructure and transition needs again where well-structured PPPs are contained within sensible and transparent legal frameworks in country’s really come into their own, I think overall,” says Attard Montalto.

Watch the full webinar below.