Listen: Dr Graunt Kruger on the inspiration that led to the Africa Impact Investment Awards.

Intellidex’s Managing Director in Global Lead Strategy and Primary Research, Dr Graunt Kruger joined Michael Avery on Fine Music Radio‘s Classic Business. He shed light on the importance of impact investing in Africa and the inspiration that led Intellidex to launch the inaugural Africa Impact Investment Awards.

“We have two objectives in mind, we always want to make sure that market participants understand who else is in the market and what great and amazing actually looks like. So, we really want folks to know each other and we want people to get to know what great projects there are and because fundamentally inside impact investments you also have elements of having very robust measurement and monitoring built into these projects. This gives us the ability to actually have an evidence base for projects that work, it’s built into the entire mechanism of impact investments. So, it really is our hope that by shining focused light on these achievements, these very specific elements of contribution, many more people will become excited about the possibilities of impact investments”, says Dr Kruger.

Listen to the clip below.

Can you identify organisations or individuals who are displaying excellence in impact investments in Africa? Nominate them in up to 11 categories here.

Any organisation or individual can submit entries. Entrants can submit for more than one category and must be registered in Africa, headquartered in Africa or have operations on the continent.

The following activities are excluded:

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives
  • Investments that are not explicitly planned and measured for impact
  • Investments that do not offer financial returns

The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2023 and winners will be announced on 13 July 2023.