Listen: Peter Attard Montalto on whether we need a national dialogue

Krutham MD Peter Attard Montalto joins SAfm’s Sunrise with Stephen Grootes for a moderated conversation on Thabo Mbeki’s belief that, after the elections, South Africa needs a national dialogue or some form of discussion outside the normal political cycle. Joining Peter in this discussion are Ebrahim Fakir, consultant election analyst at EISA, and Omry Makgoale, ANC veteran and political commentator.

“I think it’s actually quite a dangerous shirking of leadership, basically, of a political and democratic system. There’s this very bizarre belief that you can gather all these disparate entities and interest groups in a room to decide on the way forward. This completely misunderstands what happened at the original Codesa, where two broad elements were negotiating the sequencing and timing of a transition in a lot of detail,” says Peter Attard Montalto.

Listen to the full clip below.