Do you want to develop the next generation of our website?

We want to hear from you!

Update: we have listed questions we have received and answers here.

1.  Project Overview

The Intellidex brand is undergoing an overhaul and we invite proposals from web agencies and designers to update our corporate website. We want a website that conveys our message clearly while appealing to our different users.

The updated website must position us as a credible research house and consultancy in emerging markets. It must convey our status as global thought leaders on capital markets and social development in emerging markets. We are excited about what you can present to us!

The website project must conclude no later than end July 2023.

2.  Technical features

Our current website has a WordPress foundation (with several developed add ons). We are comfortable with the platform but are open to suggestions should there be better platforms available. Our current website holds a fairly large amount of information used by staff, clients and the general public. It has 77 pages and 903 posts and 1,858 media items. It gets about 7,000 hits per month.

The new website will need to incorporate much of this content. The top hierarchy of pages – home page and category pages – will need revised content to better explain our business. The content will have to come from us, we know, but we should jointly determine the objectives and visual elements around it. However the posts can mostly be incorporated without need for edit into the new website framework.

We are particularly keen on visual presentation ideas. Our business can seem complex and we think visual elements – perhaps animations or videos – could help convey what we do in an accessible way (there are many good examples of leading global consultancies doing this). The visuals on our landing page should be aimed at conveying the message of our credible research and our position as thought leaders in global emerging markets. It needs to convey our strengths across the spectrum including capital markets analysis, financial services strategy consulting, primary research in financial markets, expertise in innovative social development solutions and philanthropy.

The website must be responsive across all devices and must have a blog and a login area that our clients can access (that would contain documents but no other functionality).

4.  Project Timelines

Please submit a written proposal with the subject line “RFP Intellidex web design” no later than 1 May 2023.

We will invite shortlisted bidders to present in the week of 8 May 2023.

The full project must be complete by end July 2023.

5.    Proposal

  • Web agencies who bid on this project will be evaluated on the cost of their solution, creative ideas, and capacity to deliver. B-BBEE status will also be considered;
  • We want to see examples of similar previous work and profiles of the technical expertise and experience of staff who will work on the project;
  • We often bid on projects ourselves – we do not want to make your lives difficult. A short proposal that conveys clear ideas and the details asked for above will be sufficient. We envisage no more than four pages of text plus some visual ideas;
  • Please include a quote for your work and detail what is in scope;
  • We will invite a short list of bidders to make a virtual presentation and answer questions from us.

How to submit

Please email your submission to [email protected] before 1 May 2023.