The Inequality— Financial Markets Nexus: Implications for Developing Metrics for Voluntary Disclosures

Krutham SCIS Working paper 61_cover image

Krutham in collaboration with the Southern Centre for Inequality Studies (SCIS) Wits University, have produced a paper funded by the Taskforce on Inequality Related Financial Disclosures – TIFD that analyses the possible impact of inequality disclosures by listed companies  and investors. The paper particularly examines the question from an emerging markets perspectives, assessing how behaviour and objectives would differ from developed markets.

The study investigates whether disclosure frameworks can lessen socioeconomic disparity or cause it to shift to other firms, other regions, or out of the firm and the private sector and into households.

The study also evaluates the efficacy of a standardised disclosure framework in addressing regional differences in the causes and consequences of socioeconomic inequality.

Download the full working paper from the link below for comprehensive insights and recommendations.