Listen: Dr Stuart Theobald on why it is important that SA is seen to be making a great deal of effort to comply with FATF

Intellidex chairman Dr Stuart Theobald joined Ryk Van Niekerk on Moneyweb to discuss South Africa’s potential grey listing and the measures we would have to take either to stay off the grey list, or get removed from it as soon as possible once we are greylisted. This discussion follows the launch of the FATF report commissioned by Business Leadership South Africa and researched by Intellidex.

“To arrive at the 85% probability that SA will be placed on the grey list, I think we looked at the 12 priority actions that FATF set out for SA in order for it to comply with its standard recommendations and effectiveness tests. We looked through all of the priority actions to assess how successful we’ve been in delivering on those actions. Now, there have been good successes and there are some areas where we have delivered, where I think FATF will be satisfied. But there are some areas that are very difficult,” says Dr Theobald.

Listen to the full clip below.