Webinar: New thinking around scaling JET financing

The Africa Climate Foundation recently held a webinar that included speakers from Intellidex: Peter Attard Montalto, Zoheb Khan and Jana van Deventer.

South Africa’s energy transition involves the decommissioning of its highly polluting, centralised energy system (what we are transitioning out of) and the creation of a new green economy powered by renewable energy (what we are transitioning into). This transition has implications for patterns of ownership and employment.

Who gains, and who loses, is a social justice issue. Thousands of livelihoods depend on the coal sector – how can these livelihoods be protected? And how can an inclusive green economy be built? What roles can the private sector play – in particular to fund this?

These questions are investigated in the second of three reports ‘Funding social justice in the energy transition’ released by the African Climate Foundation (ACF) and produced by Intellidex. This webinar looks to unpack these questions through a financing lens.

See the presentation here:

Intellidex_ACF_JET funding at scale_29 March 2023