Watch: The expected cabinet reshuffle is a ‘key test on a number of fronts’

Head of capital markets Peter Attard Montalto joins CNBC Africa‘s The Power Table to discuss a possible cabinet reshuffle following the ANC elective conference.

“Really, we are focusing on the DMRE. The ministry needs to be split we need to see, not someone who is a mad pro-renewables person but someone that can have a sensible and balanced view and can get a bit excited about renewables and even gas, right? You know there is a gas development bill that is languishing there despite people wanting to do offshore development. It’s not just about renewables, it is about having enthusiasm as a whole that investors are looking for and I might add just a similar thing in DCIC as well, potentially. So that is really what we are looking for and looking at in the cabinet reshuffle,” says Peter Attard Montalto.

Watch the discussion below.