Watch: The ANC’s path to December and beyond to 2024

Head of Capital Markets Peter Attard Montalto hosts yet another webinar on policy dialogue. This time around he is joined by Oscar van Heerden from the University of Fort Hare to discuss the ANC’s path to December and to 2024.

“I think the commitment to expropriation without compensation is still very much alive. I don’t think that is going to change in the ANC. The CR grouping was quite clever in the sense that they said: ‘We didn’t get the vote. Parliament and opposition parties came together and unfortunately we couldn’t push it through and therefore it is not my fault as CR is not taking that matter forward’. Hence the emphasis on the expropriation bill because as you know, when the recommendations from the parliamentary grouping that was led by former president Motlanthe he’s advise on the land issues was precisely that. That it needs to be done through legislation,” says Oscar van Heerden.

Watch the full discussion below.