Watch: Monetary Policy Dialogue with Kuben Naidoo

Intellidex’s Head of Capital Markets Peter Attard Montalto hosted a webinar on 28 June 2022 on the Monetary Policy Dialogue alongside Deputy Governor Kuben Naidoo.

“At the moment we are still in the realm of taking our foot of the accelerator. Different members of the MPC will different levels of Neutral, some members will have at it as low as 6% some ill have it at 7.5%. there is no dispute that 3.5% we are below that. here is no dispute that it helped the Covid period, it helped the fiscus, that it helped economic actors during the Covid period but at some point we have to normalize. Normalising means taking the interest rate up form the 3.5% range to somewhere between 6 and 7%,” says Kuben Naidoo.

Watch the full video below.