Watch now: ANC’s busy year – first stop policy conference

Intellidex‘s Head of Capital Markets Peter Attard Montalto hosted a webinar on 19 July 2022 on the ANC’s busy year alongside journalist and political editor for News24 Qaanitah Hunter.

Qaanitah highlights the following dynamics in the ANC:

1. What we are seeing is that [the ANC] and it’s leaders realise that the end is near but are unable to settle their differences, unable to reinvent the wheel or correct the path they are on in a way that they are still able to be in the driving seat of the country.

2. [The ANC] had a reformist president who promised reforms and did not reform as a result we’re seeing a re-emboldening of anti-reform spaces of the ANC.

3. [The ANC] has a weakening party but nothing else is gaining strength. Ramaphosa is losing popularity but no one else is gaining popularity. There is a vacuum in the ANC.

Watch the full video below: