Listen now: Focus on effective implementation to meet FATFs requirements

Intellidex chairman Dr Stuart Theobald joins Kaya 959, alongside Tumisang Ndlovu, to discuss South Africa’s progress with avoiding the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list. Audiences have followed the topic eagerly as a SA delegation prepares to meet the FAFT in Morocco, later this week.

“This is a step we always knew was coming, it is part of the process that leads up to that plenary that is going to happen in February in which the all-important decision will be made. So, we have been through an engagement, national treasury submitted detailed reports to FAFT on the progress we have made across government in adopting recommendations from FATF. That report went out in the last quarter of last year and it led to a series of written questions from FATF to which national treasury prepared an extensive response. It now has the next step of this face-to-face engagement that is going to happen in Morocco where a big delegation of South African government and regulators are going to engage with FAFT in order to argue the case that South Africa has done what’s needed to satisfy the money laundering watch dog.”

Listen to the discussion below:

For more on greylisting, read the Intellidex report Sword of Damocles: South Africa’s FATF Grey Listing commissioned by Business Leadership South Africa.