Watch now: Peter Attard Montalto on eNCA to discuss Intellidex report on the basic income grant

Intellidex’s Head of Capital Markets Peter Attard Montalto joins eNCA Business Editor Devan Murugan to discuss the Basic Income Grant report titled What funding options are possible for BIG?. This is a new report commissioned by Business Unity South Africa and Business Leadership South Africa.

“The report wanted to lay out that if for political reasons SA goes ahead with the basic income grant: what are our choices, how do we go about doing it and what are the implications? As opposed to trying to take an alternative view saying: ‘is it the right thing et cetera to do?’. There is no arguing with the fact that giving people money is going to improve their quality of life. The issue really is the behavioural and economic impact of how it is funded,” says Peter Attard Montalto.

Watch the full clip below: